ARM partners with ALI ENGINEERING to provide material testing for our clients


Select one of the two options: 
1. We can provide you with a lump sum for your projects
2. Personnel and Equipment Charges

2.1 Engineering Technician                              $45                     hour

2.2 Overtime-Engineering Technician         $67                     hour

2.3 Standard proctor                                          $180                   each

2.4 Atterberg Limits                                            $50                      each

2.5 Sieve analysis- No. 200 sieve                   $80                      each

2.6 Vehicle Charge                                               $60                      each

2.7 Nuclear Gauge                                               $80                      each

2.8 Concrete Cylinders                                      $40                      each

2.9 Drill Pier Inspection                                    $45                       hour



  • Trip charge will be charged for each trip make by our technician including cancellations at the site with a minimum technician time of two (2) hours.
  • All services on an hourly basis will be charged at the applicable hourly rate; portal to portal from our laboratory minimum technician time of four (4) hours will be billed for any and all field inspections, except sample pick up trips which will be billed on a minimum Technician time of two (2) hours.
  • Overtime rate of 1.5 times the regular published hourly rate will be billed charged for all work over eight (8( hours per day on Monday through Friday and for all hours worked on Saturday and 3.0 times regular rate for all hours on Sundays and Holidays.
  • Rush assignments requiring unscheduled overtime are subject to a 50% surcharge on base rates
  • All prices and fees are subject to negotiation based upon the projects scope of work.


Please contact:

Mr. Osama Ali, P.E.

Principal Engineer